Learn what tools Indeed provides to employees looking to recruit — and what other options are out there.

Is Indeed a Good Place to Find Talent?

Amidst the evolving landscape of talent acquisition, hiring managers are always in search of effective methods to identify and attract top-quality candidates. In recent years, one platform that has gained significant traction among recruiters is Indeed.

In this article, we’ll explain what Indeed is and explore some of the benefits of using the platform as a recruitment tool. We’ll also take a look at the difference between Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn and how hiring managers can utilise Get Staffed’s flat-fee recruitment services in conjunction with Indeed to improve their recruitment efforts. 

What Is Indeed?

Indeed is an online job search platform that helps job seekers find employment opportunities and employers connect with potential candidates. It is one of the largest and most popular job search engines globally, operating in over 60 countries and available in more than 28 languages.

Indeed aggregates job listings from various sources, including company websites, job boards, and recruitment agencies. It provides a user-friendly interface where job seekers can search for jobs based on location, industry, job title or keywords. Users can upload their CV’s, create profiles and receive email notifications for relevant job openings.

Employers can use Indeed to post job listings and promote their vacancies to a wide audience. They can also access a range of tools and services to manage their recruitment process, including candidate screening, applicant tracking and job ad analytics.

Indeed has become a go-to resource for both job seekers and employers due to its extensive database of job listings, user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities. It offers a convenient platform for connecting job seekers with potential employers and has established itself as a prominent player in the online job search industry.

Benefits of Using Indeed for Recruitment

Benefits of indeed for recruitment

Using Indeed as a recruiting platform offers several benefits for hiring managers. Here are some key advantages: 

Wide Reach

The Intelligence Group reported that 63% of British job seekers utilised Indeed.  With an average of 46.8 million visitors per month, Indeed is the largest online job search platform in the UK. 

Posting job openings on Indeed provides access to a broad pool of potential candidates, increasing the chances of finding qualified individuals.

Active Job Seekers

Indeed attracts active job seekers who regularly visit the platform to search for employment opportunities. This means that job postings on Indeed are likely to reach motivated candidates actively looking for jobs, improving the quality and responsiveness of applicant pools.

Existing Database

With a substantial database of resumes uploaded by job seekers. Recruiters and hiring managers can search this database to proactively find potential candidates who match their job requirements. They can filter resumes based on specific criteria, such as skills, experience and education.

Indeed’s resume search feature is available on subscription plans with varying pricing options. The Standard plan is available at a rate of £96 per month or £926 per year, while the Professional plan is priced at £242 per month or £2321 per year. 

Both plans provide a monthly allocation of contact credits, unlimited search capabilities and features like automated data export, receiving candidate matches, creating contact templates and sending email reminders. 

Targeted Job Advertising

Hiring managers have access to a range of options provided by Indeed to target job ads to specific demographics, locations and industries. By optimising their job postings, recruiters can effectively reach the most relevant candidates, ensuring their vacancies are visible to individuals with the desired qualifications and experience.

Analytics and Insights 

Indeed provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that offer valuable insights into job ad performance. Recruiters can track metrics such as the number of views, clicks and applications, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration

Indeed integrates with popular applicant tracking systems, streamlining the hiring process. This integration allows recruiters to seamlessly manage job applications, track candidate progress, and collaborate with hiring teams, saving time and effort.

Brand Exposure 

Indeed has a Company Page feature that provides employers with a powerful tool to publish a company profile on their website. This can enhance their employer brand to help attract the best candidates. The Company Page allows employers to showcase their company’s unique attributes and values. It enables them to share important details about their organisation, such as company culture, mission and benefits.

By leveraging this feature, employers can effectively differentiate themselves from competitors and create a strong brand image. Candidates, on the other hand, benefit from the ability to review and gain insights into the company before applying for a job. This transparency helps candidates make informed decisions about potential employers, aligning their values and goals with those of the company.

Cost-Effective Solution

Indeed offers a range of pricing options, including both free and paid job postings. This flexibility allows hiring managers to choose a solution that aligns with their budget and hiring needs, making it a cost-effective platform for reaching a wide audience.

Posting a sponsored job ad on Indeed incurs a cost based on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Application (CPA) pricing model; they were the first job board in the UK to move to this model from a tenancy-based approach.


Employers using the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) pricing structure, have the flexibility to set a limit on the number of applicants they are willing to pay for, allowing them to manage their expenses for a particular listing effectively. Employers are given 48 hours to review and reject unwanted applications before they are included in the billing. On the Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model, the cost is determined by the number of clicks the job ad receives, regardless of whether an application was submitted or not. 

Indeed does offer a free job listing option, but the visibility of these listings diminishes rapidly within 2-3 days. On the other hand, sponsored job ads enjoy enhanced visibility and dominate the search results for as long as the employer continues to pay for them.

According to Indeed’s Terms and Conditions, “Indeed may require some Job Ads to be sponsored to verify the legitimacy of the Job Ad and/or the Employer, to prevent abuse of the free to post system, to improve our services, or for any other reason in Indeed’s sole discretion. Indeed may also limit the number of free Job Ads you are allowed to post at a given time in Indeed’s sole discretion.”

Apart from improved visibility, sponsored job ads on Indeed offer additional features. These include the ability to automatically reject unsuitable candidates based on predefined qualifications and instant candidate matching.

Indeed vs LinkedIn

indeed vs linkedin

Indeed and LinkedIn are both go-to platforms for job seekers, but they offer distinct user experiences. Indeed focuses on matching employers with candidates based on posted job listings, while LinkedIn helps individuals build their professional network and advance their careers. While job listings are available on both platforms, they are not the primary focus on LinkedIn.

Posting open positions for free is possible on both Indeed and LinkedIn. However, there is a difference in how each platform connects employers with candidates. 

Indeed offers a free posting option with pay-per-application pricing for premium posts ranging from ₤4 to ₤400 per day. It allows employers to search resumes, but a subscription is required to contact candidates, costing between ₤80 to ₤200 per month. 

LinkedIn is a great platform for recruiters as it also offers free posting, with premium posts charged per unique view based on a daily budget chosen by the user. While LinkedIn does not allow resume searches, profile search is free for all users. 

Indeed provides a free employer dashboard and unique features like scheduling and conducting virtual interviews on-platform. LinkedIn includes an employer dashboard with advanced features available through Recruiter Lite for ₤100 per month. 

LinkedIn and Indeed attract different types of candidates. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform popular among white-collar professionals. It appeals to professionals of varying skill levels seeking career advancement and networking opportunities. LinkedIn emphasises specialisation, allowing users to showcase their expertise and achievements. Candidates engage in professional networking, discussions and content sharing. 

Indeed is a job board catering to a wide range of industries. It attracts candidates with diverse skill levels, including entry-level and skilled professionals, who actively search for employment opportunities across different industries. While less specialised than LinkedIn, Indeed offers a broader range of roles and accommodates a wider audience. Candidates on Indeed are often focused on finding immediate employment or exploring career growth. 

Understanding these platform differences helps optimise recruitment strategies based on the desired candidate profiles. At Get Staffed, our flat-fee recruitment packages are designed to leverage the unique benefits of each platform to ensure our clients can connect with top talent effectively and efficiently. 

Indeed and Glassdoor

indeed vs glassdoor

Indeed and Glassdoor are two separate online job search platforms that cater to hiring managers and job seekers in unique ways. 

While they both serve the purpose of connecting job seekers with employment opportunities, there are distinctions between the two platforms.

Indeed is renowned as one of the largest job search engines globally, operating in numerous countries and offering a wide reach to job seekers. It aggregates job listings from various sources, providing a user-friendly interface for job seekers to search for positions based on location, industry, job title or keywords. It also offers tools for employers to post job listings, manage recruitment processes and access a vast resume database.

Glassdoor, on the other hand, is known for its emphasis on employer reviews and company insights. In addition to job listings, Glassdoor provides a platform for employees and former employees to anonymously review and rate companies based on their experiences. Job seekers can access valuable information such as salary ranges, employee reviews and interview experiences, enabling them to make informed decisions about potential employers.

Although Recruit Holdings, the holding company of Indeed, acquired Glassdoor in 2018, the two platforms continue to operate independently. While there may be some integration and collaboration, such as cross-posting job listings, each platform maintains its unique features and focus. 

While both Indeed and Glassdoor offer online job search capabilities, Indeed primarily focuses on aggregating job listings and connecting job seekers with employers, while Glassdoor provides additional insights into company culture, reviews and salary information.

Indeed or Get Staffed?

indeed vs getstaffed

When you utilise Get Staffed’s flat-fee recruitment packages, your job postings can benefit from automatic sharing on Indeed through our partnership with the platform. This integration enables you to expand your reach and capture the attention of a larger audience, increasing the chances of attracting highly qualified candidates.

With automatic sharing on Indeed, your job postings receive increased visibility, appearing alongside other relevant job listings. This expanded reach not only increases the number of candidates who view your job openings but also enhances the chances of attracting highly qualified individuals. As more eyes are exposed to your job postings, the likelihood of finding the ideal candidates with the desired skills, experience and qualifications significantly improves.

Get Staffed’s flat-fee recruitment services save you time and effort by eliminating the need to individually post your job listings on multiple platforms. With just one submission through Get Staffed, your job openings gain exposure and ensure maximum efficiency in reaching potential candidates.


Indeed is a highly effective platform for finding top talent. Its extensive reach, active job seeker base, targeted job advertising options and comprehensive analytics tools make it an invaluable resource for hiring managers. The existing resume database and seamless integration with applicant tracking systems further streamline the recruitment process. With its cost-effective pricing options, Indeed offers a compelling solution for reaching a broad audience of qualified candidates.

By partnering with Get Staffed and utilising our flat-fee recruitment packages, your job postings on Indeed can benefit from automatic sharing, ensuring maximum visibility to a larger audience. This integration saves time and effort, enabling you to reach highly qualified candidates efficiently.