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Inclusive Hiring: improving your diversity recruitment strategy

In today’s job market, characterised by its rich diversity, the concept of inclusive hiring is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity for businesses. This approach to recruitment goes beyond mere compliance with equality legislation; it’s about embracing the multitude of perspectives that a diverse workforce brings. 

The benefits are manifold – from fostering innovation to enhancing company performance. In fact, research shows that companies with gender-diverse executive teams were 35% more likely to have above-average profitability, while ethnic and culturally diverse teams outperform those with less diversity by 36%. So as we delve into the importance of refining diversity recruitment strategies, it is clear that for businesses to thrive, they must adapt and commit to these inclusive practices. 

This article will guide you through enhancing your diversity recruitment strategy, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of this essential evolution.

Understanding Inclusive Hiring

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Inclusive hiring is the practice of consciously ensuring that your recruitment process is free from biases, whether conscious or unconscious, and is accessible to individuals from all walks of life. It’s about recognising and valuing different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This approach not only aligns with moral and ethical standards but also significantly contributes to the richness of ideas, creativity, and problem-solving abilities within a company.

The benefits of a diverse workforce are extensive. Companies that embrace diversity are often more innovative and adaptable, understanding and meeting the needs of a varied client base more effectively. A diverse team brings a plethora of experiences and viewpoints, leading to more comprehensive and creative solutions.

Businesses that are known for their inclusive hiring practices tend to attract a wider range of talented candidates, enhancing their reputation and standing in the marketplace. In essence, inclusive hiring is not just about filling a quota; it’s about enriching your workforce and, by extension, your entire business.

Key Strategies for Improving Diversity Recruitment

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Improving diversity recruitment is not just a matter of policy change; it requires a strategic and thoughtful approach. Here are key strategies to enhance your diversity recruitment:

Targeted Job Ads & Diverse Talent Sources:

When crafting job advertisements, it’s important to keep specific demographics in mind. The language you choose can help with attracting a diverse range of candidates and signals your commitment to inclusivity, which is great for your branding. 

Diversify Where You Recruit:

Diversifying the sources from which you recruit, such as niche job boards, community groups, and professional networks, can significantly widen your talent pool. If it is possible, utilise the networks of your current employees – ask them to share job ads with their network. 

Simultaneously, actively engage with various communities and groups:

This direct outreach shows your genuine interest in diverse talent and helps build a strong employer brand.

Internship Opportunities & Employer Branding:

Offering internships specifically targeted at underrepresented groups in your industry is a proactive step towards building a diverse workforce. Coupled with employer branding that showcases your commitment to diversity, this strategy can make your company more attractive to a broad spectrum of candidates.

Company Policies & Messaging:

Develop and implement company policies that appeal to diverse candidates. This might include flexible working arrangements, inclusive holiday policies, and support for community involvement. Assess your job adverts and company messaging to ensure they are free of gendered language and other forms of implicit bias.

Removing Unconscious Bias:

One of the most significant steps in improving diversity recruitment is addressing and removing subconscious biases in the hiring process. This can be achieved through training programs that raise awareness among your hiring team, using blind recruitment methods to focus on skills and qualifications rather than personal details, and leveraging AI and technology in the resume screening process to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation.

By incorporating these strategies into your recruitment process, you can create a more inclusive, diverse, and ultimately stronger workforce.

Overcoming Challenges in Diversity Hiring

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Addressing the challenges in diversity hiring requires a nuanced understanding of where biases may exist and how they can be mitigated. One key area is job adverts. These often serve as the first point of contact between your company and potential candidates. To ensure they are inclusive, avoid gender-specific words and corporate jargon that might unconsciously deter diverse applicants. Also, be critical of the requirements listed; sometimes, ‘nice-to-haves’ inadvertently become ‘must-haves’, narrowing the pool unnecessarily.

Another challenge lies in the channels used for advertising roles. Diverse candidates may frequent different platforms, so it’s crucial to extend your reach beyond traditional channels. This could include specialist job boards, social media platforms, and community forums. It’s essential to ensure that your employer branding on these platforms reflects a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. Using Get Staffed can help you do just this and manage them all from one, easy-to-use platform with our specialist job board packages.

Finally, implicit biases during the interview and selection process can be significant barriers. Structured interviews, skill-based assessments, and a focus on behavioural competencies can help reduce these biases, ensuring a fair and equitable recruitment process.

Creating an Inclusive Recruitment Campaign

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To create an inclusive recruitment campaign, you have to focus on every detail, from the job advert to the final interview stages. There’s no point in having blind initial recruitment methods, if your advertising is unconsciously excluding certain people. Start by crafting job adverts that emphasise inclusivity, using clear and detailed job requirements. Ensure that your adverts explicitly state your position as an equal opportunity employer and use imagery that reflects a diverse workforce.

Optimise your recruitment ads for accessibility, considering applicants with visual or hearing impairments. Leverage your applicant tracking system (ATS) to objectively select the best applicants, allowing data to guide your decision-making process. These steps help ensure that candidates feel welcomed at every stage of the recruitment process, enhancing the inclusivity of your campaigns.

Inclusive hiring is an essential aspect of modern recruitment strategies, vital for building a diverse and dynamic workforce. Embracing inclusivity in your hiring process not only enriches your company culture but also drives innovation and business growth. It’s important to remember that inclusive hiring is an ongoing journey, requiring continuous effort and adaptation.

For businesses looking to streamline their inclusive recruitment efforts, platforms like Get Staffed offer a practical solution. By enabling you to post across multiple specialist job boards simultaneously, the Get Staffed platform supports your aim of reaching a diverse range of candidates, making your recruitment activity more inclusive and effective. Embrace these strategies and tools to make your hiring process as diverse and inclusive as your future workforce.