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How To Write An Effective And Optimised Job Advert

Successfully recruiting new candidates to a job is by no means an easy task. The first step is of course having a compelling job advert that entices potential recruits to want to apply, to join your business on its journey and play a key role in that.

As technology has advanced over the years, job boards dedicated to job searchers can now flag different job advertisements to candidates who might be the perfect potential match. However, in order to do this, it is crucial that the job advert in question is correctly optimised for searches on such job boards so your advert can get in front of the right people.

Many job hunters will begin their search for their potential new job through a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but many more are going directly to specialised job boards where they can discover the best opportunities. If you want your job advert to get as much traction and as many views as possible from potential applicants, then you will want to consider some of these top tips.

Provide All The Key Details

This is often an overlooked aspect of many job advertisements. Jobseekers want to see all the most important information about the job quickly when sifting through multiple adverts on a job board. This allows a potential applicant to quickly decide if they want to apply for the job or not after being provided with all the necessary information.

Failure to provide key details in your job advert can cause potential applicants to not bother with the application process. Some key details that applicants like to see in a job advert include:

The Job Title – Choose a title that best describes the role of the job advert and encapsulates the position. Ensure you use a title that job seekers are likely to search for on a job board, such as ‘Software Developer’ for a software development role. Applicants can then search for ‘Software Developer Roles’ and your job advert is more likely to show up.

Job Location – It is best to include a location in your job advert, typically a more centralised location is used so that your job advert can reach a much larger portion of potential applicants. For example, choose ‘Sheffield’ over a smaller area of the city that isn’t going to receive many searches, and potentially be off-putting to candidates who then have to discover where exactly that is.

Contract Type/Hours – Including the type of contract as well as the number of hours will allow applicants to easily filter through these. It is also helpful information to have and allows applicants to determine if the job will be suitable to their lifestyle.

Job Description – Provide a brief but detailed description of what the job role will entail. This allows applicants to have an insight into what they can expect to do while in the role. You don’t need to include absolutely every minor task the candidate will be expected to perform, instead give an overview of the main responsibilities. Writing too much at this stage can have the opposite effect, and turn people away from your job.

Salary – Including the salary of the job role within the job advert is a great way to increase the overall visibility of the job advert on the job board. It also allows potential applicants to get an idea of how much they will be paid for the role. Alternatively, many businesses choose to leave this out or just put a range instead, as many salaries are determined by past experience of the candidate and set accordingly.

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Include Keywords

When writing a job advert, you will want to consider what organic keywords can be included throughout the advert. This can help to naturally boost the traction and visibility that your job advert will receive as people search by keyword on the job board.

Take for example, if you are hiring for a tax accountant in a particular city, an applicant might search for ‘Tax Accountant Roles in Manchester’. By including both the job title and the location within the job advert makes it more likely that your job advert will appear in search engines when a potential applicant searches for those words.

You can add keywords to the title of the job advert, the meta description and even the URL of the page the job advert sits within to further boost visibility.

Become The Candidate

To write an effective job advert, it is important to think about what you might want to see contained in the job advert if you were the candidate scanning multiple job boards daily. This is a great opportunity to include any extra or catchy information that might sell the job to the candidate.

Put yourself in their shoes and try and include some content that you think potential candidates would find attractive, such as:

  • Free pizza on the last Friday of the month
  • Employee gym access
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote working potential

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