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A clear and well-developed job advert can solve problems in the long run. Finding the right person for the position you have available is not always easy, and creating the perfect job advert to attract the best people is the first challenge in recruiting. 

In this article, we will guide you through creating a job advert, writing the best description and engaging with potential candidates. We also provide you with a free template that can make this step a lot easier for you and your company.

What is a job advert?

Job adverts will likely be the first point of contact between you and potential employees. They need to be engaging and exciting but also provide candidates with the correct information so they can decide whether they are the right person for the job.

Job adverts are different from job descriptions. Often, employers will use one in place of the other. However, a job description is a document that should be used as a starting point, not as the end result. 

This is an opportunity to sell your company to great candidates and excellent professionals. You need to encourage them to apply for the role, not necessarily discover – even before they decide to apply – what their responsibilities will be. Of course, a job advert will contain this information, but it should also present much more than that.

How to create the perfect job advert

First of all, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can download our job advert template here to get started. Our template will help ensure you won’t forget to include vital information.

job descriptions vs job adverts

Starting with a template is an excellent idea if you’ve never written a job advert before, if you need a refresher on what to include, and if you need some inspiration. 

Once you know where to begin, here’s what you should include in a job advert and tips on making it great.

Job title and location

The job title is the first thing a candidate will read when looking for a job. And it will be crucial for them to decide whether they will open the job advert. 

The key is using a job title that will appear in your ideal candidates search. Use clear titles to make your job title more attractive to potential candidates. Don’t try to explain right there what the responsibilities are.

Don’t use your company’s own vocabulary at this point. We all know each organisation has its own way of describing positions, functions and responsibilities. However, a job advert is not the place to use these specific terms. The job title should be direct and precise, conveying exactly how the job is known in the market. 

If you want to ensure people will understand what you are searching for right away, research what terms other companies use when referring to this position. 

Think like a candidate when creating your job advert and writing a title. What would people interested in this position be looking for? What keywords should you use so that the right candidate feels like applying for the job? 

Indeed’s Hiring insight tool or a simple search on job boards to see how competitors advertise similar positions can give you some idea of how to word your ad. Some recruiting websites can provide you with data on what people are most interested in and what are the most successful ads when it comes to attracting candidates.

Job description

If you got a candidate to click on your job advert, it is time to let them know all about the position you have open. This is the time to include a short job description and explain what future employees can expect from working at your company.

Think of a job description as an opportunity to convince great professionals that your company is the right fit for them. You must create captivating, interesting text and be informative and clear about what you are looking for. 

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Be succinct

The perfect job advert is short. There is no need to include a long list of responsibilities and expectations. It would be best if you encouraged people to apply, not scare them away. 

2. Be interesting

As we explained, a job description is an opportunity for you to sell your company to potential candidates. The goal is to convince people to apply to your job opening, which means they need to understand why working for you could be great.

Nowadays, people are interested in job opportunities with a purpose. They want to feel like they will be part of a success story, contributing to something greater. When listing what the candidate will be responsible for, mention how they’ll contribute to the company’s mission.

3. Be honest

You don’t have to lie or omit the truth to be interesting. In a job description, you must be very clear about the functions candidates will perform at your company. Do not try to sell something simple as the most important job in the world or pretend that you’ll offer learning opportunities when you know that won’t be the case.

Lying will only lead to disappointment in the future!


Adding requirements to your job advert will help you differentiate between candidates. It is essential to include this sort of information when looking for candidates. Requirements will guide people through what skills and certifications they must have to work for your company.

Requirements may include technical skills, academic qualifications, certifications, licences, courses and job experience. 

Make sure you know what you need from a future employee and what you can demand from someone at this job level. Sometimes you list the requirements for an ideal candidate but are not offering a salary compatible with the experience level you are asking for. 

Remember, requirements are just the first step in selecting the perfect candidate, so don’t make it too difficult for people to meet your standards at this point. At this point of recruitment, you don’t need to describe the perfect candidate but rather encourage the ideal candidate to find you and apply for the position you have available. 

It is also important to note that requirements shouldn’t be subjective. Candidates need to be aware of what you need and not guess if they are the right fit for your company. In this context, personality traits are not requirements. 

Keep your list short. One thing to keep in mind is that the longest the list of requirements, the less diverse your work environment will be.

According to a Hewlett Packard report, women apply to a job only when they meet 100% of the criteria, while men apply when they meet only 60% of the requirements. Keeping your list short and concise gives more opportunities to women and minorities, as it means there will be fewer barriers they need to overcome.

Information about the company

You should always include a brief description of your company and what you do. Since a job advert is a way to sell your company to a potential candidate, use this space to say what makes your company unique and your mission and vision.

In this section, you can discuss your company’s culture and explain what candidates might find remarkable about your work. Don’t forget to keep it honest and exciting.


One of the most crucial pieces of information to add to a job advert is the company’s location or position. Candidates need to assess if they can easily get to work, need to relocate, or are too far away to apply.

In the post-pandemic world, many companies are offering remote work. If that is your case, make sure to add this to your job advert, inviting people worldwide to apply.

If the available job requires employees to travel often, disclose that information in the job advert. As discussed, this item is crucial to attracting people who are interested in working for you and capable of working at your company at the required location.


You don’t always need to disclose the exact amount you are planning to pay your future employee, but giving them an estimate is a good idea.

Salary is one of the main reasons people will be looking for a job. When deciding to apply, they must know if the compensation will cover their expenses or if it’s worth changing jobs. 

If you are not so set on a specific amount and are willing to negotiate further, ask candidates to share their expected salary and discuss it in interview rounds. It is crucial to research what similar positions are paying and what candidates might expect.

However, bear in mind that the number of applications drops when a salary is not listed. According to Jobsite, adverts receive 25% to 30% fewer applications when they don’t have compensation listed in comparison to ads that do.


Alongside the salary, benefits can be important information to attract candidates. Include all the benefits required by law in your country, but also consider what other things your company offers. It might be an extra day off on birthdays, a gym membership or course payments. 

Benefits can be an important driver of applications. The more attractive the benefits your company offers, the more qualified professionals will be interested in applying.

Be specific about what you offer. You either provide something or you don’t, so don’t list benefits as negotiable. 

It is also vital to research what kind of extra benefits your competitors offer. This will help you stand out among job adverts. 

When it comes to benefits, you don’t have to offer a long list of bonuses, partnerships or perks. Small companies can be incredibly attractive to potential employees by offering something as simple as more time flexibility. 

How to apply

No matter the method you use to post your job advert, you should always include instructions on how candidates should apply. You might want them to apply through a platform or a website, send their CVs via email you even send a test to help you in the selection process.

Give clear instructions on how they can show they are interested in your company. Not complying with these requirements is a way of selecting candidates as well.

Final thoughts

Creating a good job advert can be challenging, but using our template can make this task a lot easier. You can download it here and fill it in according to your needs and expectations.

A job advert must be interesting, precise and engaging, attracting not only great professionals but great professionals willing and able to apply to the position you have available. 

Recruiting starts with a well-written job advert. Make sure you give your company your best chances of finding the right employee by working with Get Staffed.

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