In recruitment time is money

Online Recruitment or Traditional Agencies?

As we all know, recruiting new staff can be an expensive and time-consuming task for businesses. The following blog will explore the benefits of using online recruitment services instead of working with a traditional agency…  

If you are using a recruitment agency, you will generally expect to pay them anywhere between 10-30% of your new employee’s salary which is a significant charge, especially when you are taking on staff earning a higher wage. For example, if you are looking to pay your new recruit a salary of £80,000 – you would also have to pay up to £24,000 in agency fees! This just isn’t feasible for many businesses, and we believe there are smarter and more importantly cheaper options for you to find your next employee.

Are you currently working with an agency? Consider how involved they are in your hiring process and find out what they are doing for you to warrant charging such a large fee…

Advertising your role on popular job boards or even using social media can attract hundreds of applicants to your company for significantly less investment. If you’re concerned about which job boards to use or don’t feel savvy enough on social media to get the best out of your advert – working with online recruiting experts like Get Staffed is a great option as we can optimise your advert and promote your roles across all the best sites like Indeed, ReedJobsiteTotaljobs, CV Library and Monster and social media platforms FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for less than it would cost you to post to a couple of boards yourself!  

Video Interview

Don't forget - time is money...

You may be working with a recruitment agency because you don’t want to spend the time (or perhaps you don’t have the time!) trawling through masses of applications to shortlist the few candidates who are suitable for interview. We appreciate that, but it is important to consider the fact that traditional agencies will depend largely on CVs and an unstructured interview to shortlist your candidates; this is often not the best process – as someone may present themselves perfectly in a CV and a quick conversation but it does not mean they will perform well in their role or be a good fit for your company. Then you may have to start the whole recruitment process again to find someone more suitable – significant waste of time and money. 


An online recruitment service can give you a more rounded picture of your candidates as you can choose to assess them on their skills, personality and even in pre-recorded video interviews which will give you a much better idea of how well suited they are to your business before you move further along the hiring process.  


Using a data-led approach like this to score each candidate rather than depending on how a recruitment agency feel about a person removes any unconscious bias and simply recommends the best people for your company. This can significantly reduce your cost-per-hire as you are more likely to recruit the right candidate, first time.  


If you have multiple candidates that have scored highly but only limited vacancies available, this is a perfect opportunity to build your company’s talent pool. Knowing you have great candidates who you can approach directly when new vacancies open is a quick and inexpensive option to improve your recruitment.  


Are you ready to start recruiting smarter? Get Staffed have a range of online recruitment services available to help you find the best people for your roles. Qualifying questions, candidate testing, behavioural profiling and video interviews – everything you need to match your roles to the perfect new employee. 

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