Recruitment Candidate Testing

Does Candidate Testing Work For Recruitment?

How many times have you hired new staff from their CV and interview alone and then it hasn’t gone to plan? Perhaps the candidates previous work experience was perfect, but they didn’t fit your company culture? When you are recruiting, ultimately you want to know which candidate is most suitable for the vacancy, but who will also be the best fit for your organisation. It can be difficult to gauge this using such limited methods, and it’s only getting harder! 

Over-dependence on the content of a CV or judging how someone comes across in an unstructured interview can be a costly mistake for employers, as they are certainly not the most reliable methods to select your next employeebut still the most commonly used.

In fact, research has found that 78% of CVs include misleading statements and 46% contain outright lies – so you should not depend on them alone to choose the best person for your business.

Taking advantage of behavioural assessments, personality quizzes and skills tests offer you a more objective and data-led approach to your recruitment process, providing you with a more well-rounded picture of your potential new employee and their suitability for the job and your business as a whole.

Candidate testing can be tailored specifically to your role – building a clear profile of each applicant. For example, if you’re looking to recruit a Care Assistant then you want to know that someone is empathetic and caring. Similarly, to testing a candidate’s analytical ability for your Data Analyst opportunity. Testing systems like ours will automatically rank your candidates based on their answers against your desired personality/behaviour traits and even their honesty – making it easier for you to select only the best to take forward in your recruitment process.


Aside from streamlining your recruitment process, there are wider advantages of pre-employment testing that can have lasting benefits for your business. Candidates that perform well in their testing are likely to be more productive when they start work as they have already demonstrated their ability and suitability to the role. In turn, finding a candidate that is a good fit for your company means they are more likely to stay in the job for longer – this reduces the cost and effort of regularly needing to recruit for the same role and lower turnover improves employee morale and your business’s reputation externally, so you are more likely to attract higher quality candidates for future vacancies.

Interested in using candidate testing to improve your hiring process? 

Our online recruitment package will handle the entire process for you – from promoting your role across the best job boards to shortlisting your best candidates with testing that’s customised for your vacancy. Our automated scoring will remove any unconscious bias so you only take the best people forward to interviews – helping you to hire right, first time.

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