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What are the key benefits of Flat Fee Recruitment? 

Have you been thinking about ways toreduce the cost of your recruitment? Maybe you’re worried that your business will struggle to attract the right applications without the help of a costly recruitment agency? Perhaps you’re spending too much time desperately searching for candidates yourself? This blog is going to highlight some of the main reasons why you should be considering a flat fee recruitment service, explain what it is and give you an idea of the process.  

Key Benefits 

The most apparent benefit of using flat fee recruitment is the price which ranges from around £100 to £1500 depending on the business and service required. You know exactly what it’s going to cost you before you even start the process – as opposed to having to pay a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary. Regardless of how much you are paying your new employee, your fee for a service like this is already set!

There are lots of variations of “flat fee recruitment” and the service you will receive. You might be happy with the most costeffective option which is typically advertising your role and then letting you manage the candidates and recruitment. You might prefer one of the more expensive versions (still a lot cheaper than an agency!) but this coulpossibly give you candidate screening/shortlisting, candidate assessments or even interview management. 

Another big benefit of using these services. Typically, your vacancies can be advertised within 24/48 hours of you contacting your preferred flat fee recruiter. Plus, rather than waiting for an agency to find a group of suitable applicationsyou can contact candidates within minutes of them applying!

You are always in complete control of your recruitment process. From deciding which job boards you want the advert on, whether to brand your advert or not, through to point of applications and managing the candidate journey to ensure it works for you.

So, what is  Flat  Fee  Recruitment?  

You may have heard of flat fee or fixed fee recruitment before, or one of its alternative names like ‘fixed price’, ‘flat rate’ or even ‘low-cost recruitment’ but they all essentially mean the same thing. In short, it is a service to help you advertise and fill your vacancies for a price that is significantly lower than traditional recruitment agencies.   

Flat Fee Recruitment Office

How does it work? 

To give you more of an idea on how flat fee recruitment works, we have explained the process in 4 simple steps…  


The first stage of flat fee recruitment is ensuring your job advert is optimised before it goes live. Most service providers offer something like this as standard, and here at Get Staffed we are no different. We work closely with our clients so we understand the exact type of candidates you require and prepare your advert so it will stand out from the crowd across the leading job boards and attract the right people.


Your role is then posted across a network of job boards, typically for up to 28 days. You have different options with your advertising depending on which company you are working with and how much you want to spend – for example, we offer 8 leading job boards as standard for £199 and the option to upgrade to more premium job boards too. You may also decide to use branded job advertising to give your company exposure across the job sites or use specialist job boards to target people specifically looking for work in your sector. In some cases, if you have a particularly niche role, it is still worth considering traditional recruitment agencies as you may struggle to reach the candidates you are looking for by advertising on job boards.


You will generally be able to view your applications as they come in on a designated Applicant Tracking System. This keeps everything in one place to make it easy for you to manage and decide which people you want to shortlist for interviews - a more organised system than having to trawl through your emails or individual job boards. Some services can even offer manual or automated shortlisting, psychometric testing, and candidate scoring; some of these features are part of our more comprehensive online recruitment package. Some systems, like our own, will even let you carry out video questions and answers, through to interviews to provide you with a more complete recruitment process.


The all-important bit... A lot of services will let you choose the candidates that you want to interview from all your applications, or you could use one of the shortlisting options if you have paid for a more premium option - some of which can even include candidate vetting/telephone interviews just to make sure you are only focussing on the best! A further benefit of using a recruitment platform is that you are constantly creating a database of suitable candidates for future roles within your business – even if you do not need them straight away. Lastly, the offer – again typically this would be left to you to manage however should you require support with this, most fixed fee services will have an option to support you with this.

We hope this has given you some valuable information on the world of flat fee recruitment, and the main benefits you could take advantage of! 

Still not sure? Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like any more information, alternatively we can run through a demo of our system and how it works. 

Ready to recruit? You can get started with filling your vacancies nowWe would love to help you recruit whilst saving you money at the same time! Not something you would hear from a traditional recruitment service…  

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