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Advantages Of Video Screening Candidates

The world of work is changing. The craziness of the last year has spurred businesses to adapt the way operate, and in many cases – it doesn’t look like they will be returning to their old ways any time soon. Developments in technology are helping many organisations to work smarter and more efficiently, allowing their people to spend more time on jobs that bring true value to the business.


The same applies to recruiting new employees! It can be an ordeal, having to trawl through hundreds of applications and you may struggle to know which candidate is best for your role from their CV or cover letter alone. Video screening can be a great tool to use as part of the hiring process and can improve the whole experience for both employers and candidates – let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider using it the next time you’re hiring…

Video Screening

1. Less calls

Using video screening will significantly reduce the number of initial conversations you need to have with candidates to establish their suitability to your business. Watching and listening to a candidate’s answers will give you some clarity on them as a person and if they could be right for your vacancy. Then you only need to speak to the best candidates which saves you wasting time on speaking to people who aren’t suitable for the role.

2. Reduce time-to-hire

Allowing your candidates to complete video screening with their initial application means you can quickly review their answers and get in touch with the best people. This means you can quickly process them through the recruitment process and have someone in role as quickly as possible. A much faster approach than the alternative of reviewing all your CVs, scheduling phone calls and then final interviews which can take several weeks.

3. Level the playing field

Generally, each candidate is receiving the same questions in their video screening, so it is easier for you to compare their answers and decide who has performed well. This is an advantage for candidates too as nobody is getting ‘easier’ questions than anyone else which reduces bias and ensures each candidate is treated the same.  

4. Improved experience

Using video screening presents to candidates that you are taking advantage of new technology and giving them a chance to present their motivations and skills to you before they need to make time to speak with you personally or visit your premises. If you both have a good idea on if you could work well with each other before you meet/speak then it sets you up for a more positive experience when you do take the best candidates to the next stage.

5. Encourage collaboration

If you are in a larger team, using video screening allows multiple employees to review how a candidate has presented themselves. Discussing the candidates with your team presents to them that you value their opinion and if you agree on the best people then it is a good indicator that they should work well within your business – so they are worth taking through to the next stage of your process.

More businesses than ever are using video screening as part of their recruitment process to save time and money, and ensure they are only working with the best candidates for their role. You can access video screening along with more assessments to shortlist your applicants with our complete online recruitment package.

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