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5 Key Advantages of Employer Branding

Your company has an “employer brand” whether you have worked to establish it or not. Developing a strong employer brand should be a priority for all businesses, regardless of size, because it will set you apart from your competitors. 

When it comes to advertising your vacanciesincluding your brand can be a wonderful way to do lots more than just attract more applicationsBefore you share your next role, let’s explore the key advantages of employer branded advertising 

Job Advertising Billboard

1. Promote your business and your jobs

Branded job advertising is a great way to give your business more exposure across popular job boards. It presents to candidates that you are proud of your business and even boosts your company’s reputation if you are hiring for some great new roles! You are effectively advertising your business as well as your jobs which can really enhance your role’s popularity as 69% of candidates are more likely to apply to a business that is actively managing their brand.

2. Stand out from the crowd (and the competition)

We all know the job market is highly competitive, especially in the current climate, but it’s always important to make sure that your role stands out from your competitors to attract applications from the highest quality candidates. Employer branded advertising is a great way to not only differentiate your role from similar jobs but also highlights your role amongst unbranded adverts across the job boards. 

3. Quickly build trust

Gaining the trust of candidates is crucial! By including your brand in job advertisement, you are being completely transparent with candidates about their next potential employer, and we have seen this can boost applications by up to 200%. Employer branded advertising enables candidates to complete any necessary due diligence and even figure out if they will be a suitable fit for your company before applying, which should lead to better applications and it makes sure you are not wasting your time on the wrong candidates. 

4. Speed up your recruitment

 Another huge benefit of using your employer brand is that it can significantly increase the speed of your recruitment process. Candidates will research the company so are more likely to have a significant interest in your business before they even apply, even tailoring CVs to your company or writing specific cover letter to give you a better idea on their suitability. Furthermore, you can build a talent pool of great candidates (who are really interested in working for your business!) who you can contact directly about future roles which can be a swift way to fill a position.

Employer Branding

5. Reduce your cost-per-hire

As we have mentioned, using branded advertising for your new positions is a fantastic way to share that you are proud of your business. In turn, this can have a great benefit on your cost per hire as 67% of job seekers are willing to accept lower salary if they can see a company has an impressive reputation and positive reviews online. These savings can really mount up when you are recruiting for multiple positions so branded job advertising can be a great way to save your business any unnecessary spending. 

What are you waiting for?  

Hopefully we have given you some useful information on the advantages of having a strong employer brand. Think branded job advertising could be a great choice for your business? Our branded package will promote your brand across Reed, Totaljobs, Jobsite, CV Library and Monster, plus you will also have standard adverts across Indeed, Guardian Jobs and more of our market-leading job board network for just £399 – saving you over £1000 compared to advertising on the job sites directly. Get your brand seen across the best sites and attract more amazing applicants for a great price. 

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