Here are the industries and roles that should work with a flat fee recruitment company and the advantages of the fixed fee recruitment model.

The Industries that Benefit from a Flat Fee Recruitment Model

The flat fee recruitment model is a game-changing approach that has revolutionised how industries attract and secure talent.

From startups aiming to make their mark to established enterprises seeking to optimise their hiring processes, industries across the board are embracing the benefits of flat fee recruitment. With streamlined hiring processes and better access to exceptional talent, companies that have adopted this innovative approach are reaping the rewards.

In this article, we will explain what flat-fee recruitment is, whilst highlighting the process and key benefits. We will also take a look at the suitable industries and roles for flat-fee recruitment models and provide examples of successful flat-fee recruitment case studies. 


What Is Flat Fee Recruitment? 

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Flat-fee recruitment is a cost-effective solution that charges a fixed price for recruitment services. It eliminates the percentage-based commission structure of traditional recruitment methods, often allowing businesses to make multiple hires for a predetermined fee. This approach significantly reduces costs and is ideal for companies with limited budgets or multiple vacancies to fill.

Flat-fee recruitment provides businesses with flexibility and control over the hiring process. Companies can choose the level of service they require and actively participate in candidate screening and selection. With a wider reach through online channels and job boards, businesses can attract a larger pool of qualified candidates. The predictable pricing structure ensures transparent and manageable recruitment costs.

Flat-fee recruitment is a beneficial option for businesses of all sizes and industries. It offers cost savings, time efficiency, flexibility and increased control over the hiring process. By opting for a fixed-price recruitment package, companies can achieve their hiring goals while staying within their budget and maintaining candidate quality.


The Flat Fee Recruitment Process

Businesses can efficiently and effectively utilise flat-fee recruitment services to attract, screen and hire the right candidates for their job openings. The process is designed to save time, reduce costs, and give businesses greater control over their recruitment efforts. 

The flat-fee recruitment process involves four key steps:


1. Optimise 

In this step, you collaborate with a flat-fee recruitment company, like Get Staffed, to create an attention-grabbing job advertisement. The goal is to tailor the ad to attract suitable candidates. 

Get Staffed works with you to optimise the content, ensuring it is engaging, informative and appealing to the target audience. This step is crucial for attracting the right candidates to your job opening.


2. Advertise

Once your job advertisement is optimised, it’s time to post it on various job boards. Get Staffed handles the distribution and posting process, ensuring maximum visibility for your job opening. 

This involves utilising a range of job boards, including branded advertising options, premium job boards and sector-specific boards. This approach allows you to reach a wide pool of candidates and increases the chances of attracting high-quality applicants.


3. Review

As applications start coming in, it’s essential to manage them efficiently. This is where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes into play. Your flat-fee recruitment agency will provide you with an ATS that enables you to easily manage incoming applications. You can review resumes, cover letters and other relevant documents. 

Depending on your chosen flat-fee recruitment package, you may have access to additional features like psychometric testing, candidate scoring and video interviews. These tools help you assess candidates more effectively and narrow down your shortlist.


4. Hire

Once you have reviewed the applications and shortlisted suitable candidates, it’s time to move forward with the hiring process. You can select candidates for interviews based on your preferred criteria. 

Get Staffed can provide you with support and guidance throughout the hiring process. As you interact with candidates, you can also build a database of potential candidates for future roles, creating a valuable resource for future hiring needs.


The Benefits of Flat Fee Recruitment

Learn the benefits of flat fee recruitment for industries

Flat fee recruitment is a valuable alternative to traditional recruitment methods, particularly for companies aiming to optimise their recruitment process while keeping costs in check.

Flat fee recruitment offers several benefits for businesses:



One of the primary advantages of flat fee recruitment is cost savings. With a fixed fee, businesses can accurately budget and plan their recruitment expenses. Unlike traditional recruitment methods that charge a percentage commission based on the candidate’s salary, flat fee recruitment provides transparency and eliminates the risk of escalating costs.



Flat-fee recruitment streamlines the hiring process and saves valuable time for businesses. By utilising technology and pre-screening techniques, recruiters present businesses with a shortlist of qualified candidates, reducing the need to sift through numerous applications. This time-saving aspect is especially beneficial for companies with limited HR resources or those seeking to fill multiple positions simultaneously.



Flat fee recruitment offers flexibility in choosing the level of service that fits a business’s specific needs. Companies can opt for basic packages or more comprehensive solutions based on their requirements and budget. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their recruitment strategy accordingly, ensuring they receive the necessary support without unnecessary expenses.


Increased Control

With flat fee recruitment, businesses have more control over the hiring process. They can actively participate in candidate screening, shortlisting and selection, ensuring that they find the right fit for their organisation. This increased control empowers businesses to make informed decisions and hire candidates who align with their requirements and company culture.


Wider Reach

Flat-fee recruitment often utilises various online channels and job boards to advertise job openings. This wider reach enables businesses to tap into a larger pool of candidates compared to traditional recruitment methods. The expanded reach increases the chances of finding highly qualified individuals and increases the diversity of applicants.

At Get Staffed, we leverage the largest network of job boards among all flat fee recruiters in the UK. With our extensive reach, we make sure that your job openings are advertised on multiple online channels with just one click, saving you time and maximising your reach. 



Flat fee recruitment provides businesses with predictability in terms of costs. The fixed fee structure eliminates surprises and allows businesses to manage their finances more effectively. This predictability facilitates better financial planning and allocation of resources.


Examples of Industries and Roles Suitable for Flat Fee Recruitment

Flat fee recruitment can apply to various industries and organisations of different sizes. It offers a flexible and affordable recruitment solution, making it suitable for businesses looking to optimise their hiring processes while managing costs effectively.

Here are some examples of potential industries and job roles that will benefit from a flat-fee recruitment service:


Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 

Flat fee recruitment is particularly beneficial for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with limited budgets and resources. It allows them to access cost-effective recruitment solutions without compromising on candidate quality. SMEs can leverage flat fee recruitment to attract and hire talented individuals for various positions within their organisation.



Startups often have specific hiring needs and tight budgets. Flat-fee recruitment provides startups with an affordable and efficient way to source and select candidates. By utilising flat fee recruitment services, startups can streamline their hiring process, access a larger talent pool and make strategic hires while managing costs.


Retail and Hospitality

Industries like retail and hospitality often require frequent hiring to meet seasonal demands or expansion plans. Flat fee recruitment can be an excellent option for these industries as it allows them to fill multiple vacancies without incurring excessive costs. Whether it’s hiring front-line staff, managers or specialised roles, flat fee recruitment can provide cost-effective solutions.



The healthcare industry is known for its high demand and competitive job market. Flat fee recruitment can help healthcare organisations, such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, attract qualified professionals across various positions, including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff. It provides cost savings while ensuring access to a wide pool of candidates.


IT and Tech

The IT and tech industries often face talent shortages and fierce competition for skilled professionals. Flat fee recruitment can help IT and tech companies source candidates for positions such as software developers, data analysts, project managers and IT support staff. It offers a cost-effective approach to reaching and attracting tech-savvy candidates.


Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and engineering sectors often require specialised skills and expertise. Flat fee recruitment can assist these industries in finding suitable candidates for roles such as engineers, technicians, production managers and quality control personnel. It provides a cost-efficient way to attract talent and fill critical positions.


Customer Support and Sales

Industries in customer support, like call centres, often require hiring a significant number of people in the same position to meet operational demands. Flat fee recruitment is particularly advantageous in such cases, offering a cost-effective solution to fill multiple vacancies. 

Companies in these industries can benefit from the streamlined process provided by flat fee recruitment services to efficiently attract, screen and select candidates at scale. 


Examples of Successful Flat-Fee Recruitment Campaigns 

Discover these successful flat-fee recruitment case study

Case Study: Bedford Citizens Housing Association (BCHA) 

Bedford Citizens Housing Association (BCHA) was facing a common challenge in their recruitment process – limited reach and difficulty in attracting a high number of candidates for their multiple job vacancies.

BCHA partnered with Get Staffed to overcome its recruitment challenges. They were attracted to Get Staffed for their access to a wide network of job boards, significantly expanding the reach of their job advertisements. This was crucial for BCHA as they needed to attract a large pool of candidates to fill their multiple vacancies effectively.

BCHA was also attracted to Get Staffed’s flat fee recruitment solution due to the value for money provided. The flat fee structure allowed them to recruit for multiple positions without incurring additional costs per hire. This meant they could optimise their recruitment budget and maximise their hiring efforts.

The collaboration with Get Staffed proved to be highly successful for BCHA. By leveraging the extensive network of job boards provided, they were able to attract a significantly higher number of candidates compared to their previous approach. This increased candidate volume translated into a greater pool of qualified individuals to choose from.

The process of fine-tuning job descriptions was instrumental in attracting suitable candidates. The expert guidance and optimisation techniques used by Get Staffed resulted in job advertisements that effectively communicated BCHA’s mission and value proposition, capturing the attention of potential candidates.

The campaign also allowed them to establish a talent pool of qualified candidates for future positions. This talent pool provided BCHA with a valuable resource to tap into whenever new vacancies arose, streamlining their recruitment process and saving time and effort in the long run.

BCHA has used Get Staffed for a variety of roles including Care staff, Catering Manager and Administration staff.


Case Study: Graduation Attire

Graduation Attire, a UK company providing gown hire services to universities, experienced rapid growth but faced significant recruitment hurdles. As their business expanded, the need for hiring talented individuals became crucial to meet the growing demands of their clients.

Get Staffed offered Graduation Attire a simple and cost-effective approach to recruitment. The flat fee structure provided them with the opportunity to recruit quickly and effectively without worrying about escalating costs. This was particularly appealing to Graduation Attire, as it allowed them to allocate their resources wisely.

The all-in-one platform provided by Get Staffed proved to be a game-changer for Graduation Attire. With just one platform, they had access to all the tools and features they needed to manage their recruitment process efficiently. From posting job ads to reviewing applications and conducting interviews, the platform streamlined the entire hiring process.

Within a few weeks of partnering with Get Staffed, Graduation Attire witnessed remarkable results. They received over 40 quality applicants for their job openings, which exceeded their expectations and provided them with a diverse pool of candidates to choose from. The simplicity and ease of use of the platform allowed them to quickly review applications and identify the most suitable candidates for their roles.

The flat fee charged by Get Staffed was a fraction of what Graduation Attire had been quoted elsewhere. This cost savings enabled them to invest more in other areas of their business, fueling their growth even further.

Graduation Attire also praised the account management provided by Get Staffed. The team worked closely with Graduation Attire to optimise their job advertisements, resulting in a higher quality of applicants. This tailored approach ensured that Graduation Attire attracted candidates who aligned with their requirements and shared their dedication to delivering excellent service to universities.

The successful collaboration with Get Staffed resulted in Graduation Attire successfully hiring key individuals, including a warehouse manager and seasonal staff members. These employees have proven to be valuable assets to the company, contributing to its continued growth and success.

Graduation Attire’s partnership with Get Staffed provided them with an elegant and effective solution to their recruitment challenges. The all-in-one platform, simplified fee structure and dedicated account management allowed Graduation Attire to recruit quickly and efficiently, attracting a pool of qualified candidates. This partnership facilitated their rapid growth by ensuring they had the right team in place to meet the demands of their expanding business.



The flat fee recruitment model has emerged as a valuable asset for numerous industries seeking to optimise their hiring strategies and achieve their talent acquisition goals. 

The industries that benefit the most from this approach span a wide range, including small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, retail and hospitality, healthcare, IT and tech, manufacturing and engineering, customer support and sales.

As industries continue to evolve and face new challenges, the flat fee recruitment model offers a practical and efficient solution that aligns with the needs of today’s job market. By partnering with Get Staffed and leveraging the flat fee recruitment approach, organisations can optimise their hiring strategies, remain competitive and secure the right talent to drive their success.