Video Interview Screening

Bringing Applications To Life, Streamlining Candidate Evaluation

Advance beyond the paper CV with our video interview screening feature. Quickly gain deeper insights into candidates’ personalities and capabilities, enabling you to concentrate on engaging with the most promising talent.

How Video Interview Screening Operates

Request candidates to record a short answer to any question.

Interactive Candidate Profiles:

Our platform allows candidates to express themselves beyond the CV, using just their device’s camera and an internet connection.

Streamlined Hiring Manager Experience:

Improve your screening efficiency. Our tool offers the convenience of pre-recorded candidate videos, reducing the need for initial phone screenings and allowing you to focus on top candidates sooner.

Enhanced Candidate Assessments:

Evaluate not just what candidates say, but how they say it, all without the need for real-time scheduling.

video interview screening

Effectiveness: Video Interview Screening vs. Telephone Screening

Video interviews bring a wealth of advantages to the recruitment process, complementing, rather than challenging, traditional telephone interactions. They deliver comprehensive insights into a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and compatibility with the role. As a powerful and flexible screening tool, It helps hiring managers make informed decisions faster, ensuring a high-quality shortlist of candidates.

Your Video Interview Screening Tool

Our straightforward setup ensures ease of use.

Any Device with a Camera

Candidates can record an answer with any computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera and microphone.


All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Simple Uploads

Upload the video directly to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) without the hassle of third-party software.

Benefits of our Video Interview Screening Tool

Our video interviewing screening feature is not just efficient; it’s a transformational tool for better hiring practices.

Convenience & Speed:

Eliminate the logistical challenges of scheduling and conducting initial phone interviews.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool:

Engage with candidates from various locations without the constraints of time zones or travel.

Objective Candidate Evaluation:

Standardised video responses can help reduce unconscious bias and focus on the content of a candidate’s presentation.

Enhanced Candidate Experience:

Provide a flexible and comfortable interviewing process for applicants, showcasing your company’s commitment to innovative recruitment practices.

Invite at scale:

Invite multiple candidates in one go and we’ll take care of the chasing with automated reminders.

What it's like working with Get Staffed...

HR Consultancy | Peterborough
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We recently used Get Staffed for a client. The service provided was excellent and represented good value for money. We were delighted with the applicant tracking system and Matt was on hand to help out if we needed any assistance. We got a great result from using Get Staffed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.
Insurance Broker | Luton
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Excellent service, highly recommended! I would certainly use Get Staffed again.
Care Agency | Bedford
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We found Get Staffed to be a very cost effective way of recruiting staff, returning a much higher number of applicants compared with the advertisements we were putting in the local paper! Matt has been excellent giving us lots of advise about how to get the best out of our adverts! Thanks to him and the Get Staffed Team.
Advertising Agency | Sheffield
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I have been using Get Staffed for the last 3 months and have found the staff pleasant and the adverts good value. Most importantly I have had good responses to all adverts placed.
HR Consultancy | Guildford
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I have recently used Get Staffed for several clients, the service provided by Matt has been excellent! I have had some good candidates come through and will be using this platform again. Thank you for all your help Matt!
Leasing Company | Manchester
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I found the Get Staffed service easy to use. The advert was live within an hour and we received a decent response. Staff at Get Staffed were friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help. Would recommend.
IT Agency | Nottingham
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Lots of contact, constantly kept in the loop as to what was happening and very friendly staff, couldn't ask for more.
Heating Manufacturer | Manchester
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Friendly, Efficient no hassle service. We will definitely use again - Highly Recommended.
Accountant | Chorley
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I used Get-Staffed to save on the cost of on-line advertising, but I’m returning because they also made the whole process much easier and quicker. So it’s a no brainer for me. Very pleased with the service.
Marketing Agency | Shrewsbury
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We advertised five vacancies and were very pleased with the service. There were plenty of high quality applicants and we have since appointed five candidates.
Local Authority | Bedford
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I would recommend Get Staffed to anyone looking to recruit! The team there are always on hand to help you with any of your recruitment issues...
Estate Agency | London
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We have used Get Staffed several times as our business has expanded and found the system to be easy to use and monitor. They ensure our advert gets exposure over the main property portals and collate the information we get back from applicants, to make it easier to sort through, saving us time and money. We will use the service again.
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Integrated Video Interview Screening with Get Staffed

Our comprehensive video interview screening feature is integrated within our ATS, providing a streamlined way to review and manage candidate videos. Enhance your hiring process with this powerful tool and get to know your candidates beyond their CVs.

This feature is included in both our Enhanced and Branded advertising packages as standard.


The results have been really good, everyone we've recruited through Get Staffed still works for us. That's the quality it's provided

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Video Interview Screening FAQ's

We've compiled a list of answers to some common questions relating to our video interview screening services.

Our video interview screening tool is free and included in both our Enhanced and Branded packages. Find out more about our packages here.

We find this tool works really well when you have lots of suitable candidates to consider. It’s also great for customer facing vacancies as it gives you an insight into a candidate’s personality.

No there isn’t a limit, however we do advise requesting videos from candidates you are interested in as opposed to everyone to save you time on reviewing responses.

All video responses are stored within your Applicant Tracking System account alongside the candidates application for you to view at any time.

You can ask candidates whatever you like. If you are short of ideas check out our blog here about the best questions to ask candidates.

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