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Are you finding it difficult to attract the best people to your vacancies? Attempting to find your next employee on your own can be a daunting or tedious task but working with a traditional recruitment agency is not always the best option for many businesses 

Online recruitment is what you’ve been looking for! A quicker, cost-effective solution for your hiring, services range from advertising your roles across the best job boards to testing and shortlisting your candidates so you only need to interview the most suitable people for your role.  

Get Staffed are one of various companies specialising in online recruitment. Each business provides a different package so we decided to create a series of blogs to compare our offering to our competitors, letting you decide which online recruitment service is best for you!  

 Let’s take a deeper look at TribePost…   

Tribepost scales

Branded Job Advertising 

As we discussed in our employer branding blog, using your brand when promoting new vacancies can be a great way to attract candidates to your role if your organisation has a positive reputation. Get Staffed and TribePost offer Branded Job Advertising across an extensive network of job boards – these include ReedTotaljobsJobsiteCV Library and LinkedIn as well as sponsored adverts on Indeed. Get Staffed offer an additional branded advert on Monster – the site welcomes over a million visitors each month so it is an excellent to platform to reach a wider candidate pool and give you a better chance of finding the best person for your role. 

Candidate Shortlisting  

Candidate shortlisting is another great service available from some online recruiters to save you time in the hiring process. Both Get Staffed and TribePost offer a service to create a shortlist of only the best candidates for you to interview instead of needing to trawl through every application yourself. As well as filtering through all the CVs, Get Staffed offer additional services like skills testing, behavioural assessments and even video interviews to score each candidate and give our clients’ a better overview of the people who have applied before they progress with final interviews.  


TribePost price their fully branded package at £699 per campaign – this includes branded advertising and candidate shortlisting. Get Staffed provide the same service for £599 and we also give you the option to customise your recruitment process with automated testing and questions suited to your business!  

Maybe you want to use a candidate shortlisting service but are not interested in branded advertising? This is available with Get Staffed for just £495 per campaign. Or if you are keen to promote your brand across the job boards but want to manage the rest of the recruitment process internally, you can access just our branded advertising package for £399. Get Staffed are more than happy to adjust our services to meet your needs as we understand every organisation has different requirements when it comes to recruitment. 

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