Growth in the UK Job Market: Q1 Of 2017

Q1 of 2017 saw good things for the UK job market – at least in terms of how many positions were advertised. The figures show that the number of jobs advertised rose by 15.4 percent from the last quarter of 2016, and that’s just the start of it. Along with more jobs, there were better salaries being offered too.

This may come as a surprise for some who may have assumed that the UK job market would stall in the wake of the Brexit vote, and perhaps especially with Article 50 not having been triggered – it didn’t get underway until the very last days of Q1 – and plenty of speculation about what that meant for industry and jobs in general.

However, the UK job market has instead gained strength, with plenty of new positions being made available for those who are looking for work.

This is a fantastic position for the UK to be in; Brexit or no Brexit, EU or no EU, the UK job market is something that can withstand anything that is thrown at it, and in fact can even grow. It’s also great for employees who have more choice than ever before.

Looking through the job boards and websites that cater to matching the perfect candidate with the ideal job, with so many options job hunting becomes less of a chore and more exciting – which brings an energy and a positive attitude when it comes to the people applying. And it’s good for employers too. No longer will people apply for jobs that don’t suit them just because there aren’t many to pick from. Now employers can see that the people who are searching are only applying to those jobs at which they can do well. That means the employer won’t be inundated with ‘not quite there but almost’ CVs. It also means that they won’t be forced to choose someone who doesn’t match up to the position offered just because they feel overwhelmed by the entire recruitment process.

The growth that came in Q1 of 2017 within the UK job market was particularly prevalent in Bristol (with a rise of 39 percent) and Cardiff (37 percent), although many major cities did see similar rises. As for the industries that has the most positions open up, it was manufacturing that led the way with a 45.5 percent increase. The automotive industry and the construction industry weren’t too far behind with rises of 39.2 percent and 38.3 percent respectively.

So what will the next quarter’s results bring? More growth? There is no reason to doubt that that’s exactly what will happen. Now is a great time to be job hunting – and recruiting.

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