Don’t Just Wait for Job Applications; Go And Search CV Databases Too

You’ve got a great job advert, you’ve uploaded it to all the right places, and now you simply need to wait for the right candidate to come to you. Or… not. And that’s because the right candidate might not be actively looking for a job. They might be perfectly happy where they are. Which is exactly why you should engage professionals to search CV databases, and to find the people who are the right fit for you – not the other way around.

Even if someone isn’t currently looking for a new position, they might still be interested in hearing about what you can offer them. The easiest way to do that, the best way to throw a little temptation the way of the potential new employee, is to search CV databases and find those who, if given the chance, you would want to interview.

This can take a little time, but that’s what we are here for. At Get Staffed we are proud of offer a traditional search/resourcing product that is used to search CV databases and come up with a shortlist of candidates that haven’t specifically applied for your vacancy. Once you have given us your list of essential requirements for the role you want to fill, we can use our search tools to find exactly the right people to get in touch with on your behalf. We can do this because we have access to some of the top candidate databases – job boards including Jobsite, Reed, Totaljobs and many more. And with our industry knowledge, we can employ specific keywords to search CV databases.

Then we can approach the candidates directly with a targeted pitch. No more waiting for the right people to come to you – we go out and bring them to you. That’s right – we go and get them, to your spec, and all you have to do is check they fit the brief and then arrange the interview. Between us, we can persuade those perfect candidates to start thinking about trying something new. And that’s how it all begins because these are the people who would never even have seen your job ad, let alone applied for the position, because they simply were not looking. But thanks to our ability to search CV databases, your business just got better.

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