Attract The Best Candidates by Using Our Job Advert Template

At Get Staffed we understand how difficult it can be to write the perfect job ad. The need to get it exactly right can actually limit your ability to write clearly and concisely – the pressure! – which all adds up to a rather muddled and confusing ad. No one wants that – you won’t get the people to apply who will be best for the job, and the people who are best for the job won’t bother to apply if they can’t understand what it is you want.

That’s why we created a simple job advert template.

By following one of the links to our job advert template, all you need to do is fill in the blanks – we’ll do the rest. Since we know exactly what is needed in a job ad to attract the right candidate, you can relax knowing that the information you are putting into our template is the information that will get you the applicants you need to take the next step. It won’t be long before you have found the ideal employee, and you can begin to move forward.

But why is our job advert template so useful? Well to start with, we don’t just leave you to get on with it. The job ad is at once the most important part of hunting for a new employee, and the most daunting, which is why it pays to get it right and use a template created by experts (like us!). Not only that, but everything that is listed on the job advert template is included because it’s needed – that means you will get all the information you need about a candidate before inviting them for an interview. That makes your selection process easier, and it also gives you a fantastic grounding for the interview itself – you’ve got your questions mapped out for you already.

What Is Included?
So just what is included in our job advert template? You will need to include the job title, plus a brief description of what the position entails. Then you will need to list the requirements needed of the ideal candidate. Make sure you make a note if something is desirable more than essential – it might make a difference.

Something that will definitely make a difference – which is why we highly recommend including it – is a salary, or at least a salary range. Even if the job looks like a perfect fit for someone, people are less likely to go through the application process (even if it’s nice and easy like it is with us) if they can’t be sure of how they will be compensated. The same goes for any benefits that come with the job. A company car, health insurance, how many days holiday… these should all be included.

The idea behind our job advert template is to give you the chance to really sell your company, and the position you are offering. The more candidates you get, the more likely it is that you will find the ideal person to work for you. Save time, money, and stress by completing the details on our template and get your ad uploaded. We recommend you take your time, however; once your ad is up there are some elements (job title, location, and salary) that can’t be changed.

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