The introduction of online recruitment services has eased the in-house hiring process for employers. In-house interviews can be avoided because employers can obtain vital candidate information on the recruitment agency website.

The time wasting process of interviewing hundreds of candidates who will not meet the requirements for the job are a thing of the past with the introduction of online recruitment agencies. These days a suitable candidates CV can be viewed in a simple email using an online recruitment service.

Online recruitment solutions offer a wide range of services to their clients, for example, Flat Fee Recruitment is one service that can save you a lot of money. Flat Fee Recruitment consists of a one off fee that allows the employer to receive high volume recruitments and avoid extra charges for every other person you hire

Flat Fee Recruitment will help employers build a database of the top CV’s and will email or phone an applicant to come in for interview. Some agencies offer free phone calls to as many applicants as you want which will result in a cheaper company phone bill.

Below are three points that make Flat Fee Recruitment a successful service.

  • If you require a number of new employees you don’t pay the online recruitment agency for each candidate, just the one off fee for the campaign.
  • A good Flat Fee Recruitment Agency will build, monitor and develop your campaign choosing specific job boards in your niche area for maximum visibility.
  • Some Flat Fee Recruiters will offer you a mix of Flat Fee services instead of one basic package. This is the ideal opportunity to tailor your package to exactly how you want it whilst keeping costs low.

Flat Fee Recruitment gives employers options to mix the skills of the modern online job industry with some aspects of the old system to provide a cost effective all round recruitment solution.

Get Staffed is a cost effective and easy to use service, with many clients already filling their vacancies using one of our competitive recruitment packages.

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