Looking to advertise a job online? With the introduction of the internet this has had a major impact on the recruitment advertising industry. The days of viewing job boards in the local job centre and reading the newspaper job ads have become a thing of the past.

Recent research has shown that 91% of job seekers consider online job board advertising as the most effective resource in their quest for employment. Companies looking to recruit new employees have a number of options available to them.

Recruitment agencies offer various fixed and flat fee recruitment packages all suited to meet the company’s requirements. Online recruitment advertising enables your job post to reach an extended audience. However, listing a  job online can also create issues involving presentation, layout etc. To make this process as issue free as possible we have provided a step by step guide to advertising jobs online.

Step One- Prepare an Enticing Job advert

Do you want your job advert to blend in with the surroundings or to stand out and scream ‘click on me’. Preparing an interesting job advertisement is essential to entice your audience to click on your advert and not pass it by.

Here are some important points in achieving the perfect job advertisement.

  • Clear, commonly searched/known job titles for optimization purposes.
  • Include keywords and job titles throughout the advert to make sure your job ranks well and is found by the most candidates.
  • Sell the job and the benefits to working for your company as well as why they should apply for your role over another.
  • Include your job advert link

Step Two- Research Advertising Channels

It is worth researching advertising channels to see what is out there and how using the most effective channels are critical to any effective  job search. Research allows you to see which channels deserve your time and attention. You should also take into consideration the following points.

  • Explore your options; in the UK there is a wide variety of premium job boards including Totaljobs, Jobsite, Indeed, Monster etc. (link to the boards). There is also industry specific and regional job boards so make sure you weigh up all your options.
  • When advertising a role you should always look at boards that perform well for your job type as opposed to your industry, eg. If you are a construction company looking to fill a sales position make sure you advertise the role on a sales job board as opposed to construction.

Step Three- Direct or Multi Poster

You then have the choice of going direct to one or two boards directly, or using a multi-poster, find out a little more about each option below.

Job Boards DirectJob Board Multi-Posters
Each job board will cost you between £119 – £250Commonly priced between £129 – £200
Your job branded to your company/organisationUsually unbranded however branding can normally purchased at an extra cost
To appear on multiple boards you will need to pay for each board directlyYour advert will immediately appear on multiple boards
Receive the applications straight to your inboxMost multi-posters offer free access to a recruitment system to view and manage applications


The task of creating an online Job board is not as straightforward as it looks.Remember, preparation and research is essential to allow you to view the channels that deserve your time and attention.

The use of carefully placed keywords in your advert can also be effective and encourage your target audience to click through.

Consider all of your options before you sign up however if you follow our helpful tips the process of advertising online can be painless but effective.